Using A Scientifically Designed Movement Program You Can Literally Get Your Life Back From Chronic Back Pain!

In as little as 15 minutes per day, you can get relief, save thousands of dollars, and free yourself from the fear of having pain for the rest of your life…

Sam Visnic CMT, NMT
Tuesday 28th of March 2017

The biggest problem with back pain is often not even the pain itself, but how it severely limits your ability to do the things you love to do. The constant FEAR and ANXIETY and internal deliberation over whether or not the next time you ride your bike, go on a run, or even play with your kids is going to result in you laying on your back on the floor or bed for a few days popping ibuprofen and using an ice pack.

That feeling you get when you have to explain to someone, whether it’s your spouse, family member or a friend that you CAN’T participate in something because you have back issues, and they look at you like you’re either nuts, or a sissy, and start thinking your problems are “all in your head”, because they can’t understand what you have experienced, and you simply aren’t interested in going through another cycle of endless doctor visits only to have them tell you that you are “completely fine” and nothing ever shows up on their tests.

Or the embarrassment of having to carefully lift things off the floor or getting out of a chair looking like a mummy because you have learned to be super cautious of your back, and you’re getting used to smelling like icy hot or tiger balm.

You’re getting tired of your weekly chiropractic, acupuncture or massage visits, because they are costing you an arm and a leg, and leave you with only a few days of relief at a time. You think about all the things you could be buying with your money instead.

Exercise, stretching, and some movement gives you relief, and you know there is something to it, but you haven’t been able to find a system that works consistently, and the exercise program you did with the physical therapist a long time ago is too easy and you need something more comprehensive.

You long for the days you could play golf, a game of volleyball, ride your bike for a few miles, or just play with your kids or sit at work without that aching pain sneaking up on you.


Amber-Wynn-Photo-213x300“When I first consulted with Sam, my neck and back pain and low back pain were chronic, getting worse, and limiting my ability to work and play. Additionally, my concern was these issues would shorten or even ruin my career as a surgeon. After working with Sam on his corrective program, at this point, for the first time in a decade I have NO neck or back pain. I feel no limitations in my physical activities and I don’t have a fear that my career will be ruined. The most impressive part is the individual nature of his program design. Instead of the “cookie cutter” approach to wellness, the appropriate information was gathered to understand the nature of my problem, the realities of my life, and only then he developed the individual plan that would work for me…” – Mark Galantowicz MD

Is This You???


You’ve been scouring the internet and Youtube looking for information about how to fix your back. Heck, I bet you don’t even care if you can’t completely eliminate your pain, but would be perfectly satisfied to get it down to a manageable level so you can get on with your life and back to doing the things you want to be doing.

You Have Found The Answer You’ve Been Seeking.

I have been involved in the health and fitness field for over 20 years, and having worked with thousands of back pain sufferers that have very similar experiences, am considered to be a foremost expert in corrective exercise and pain relief massage techniques.I can understand how you feel about your back pain, because at times I have suffered with my own lower back pain. It can be very frustrating to try to figure out exactly what the cause of the pain is, and sometimes setbacks can appear to occur completely randomly.In my quest for understanding the causes of pain and what brings results, I’ve gathered an immense amount of knowledge on corrective techniques and strategies, so I know exactly what you are looking for in a solution to your pain.

Get Access To The Same System Sam Uses Everyday With
Chronic Back Pain Sufferers Just Like You

After working with thousands of back pain sufferers looking for relief, I’ve amassed quite a bit of information through my initial intake questionnaires, surveys, communications with clients, professional courses, trainings, and of course thousands of corrective exercise programs and progressions. I know what works, and what information you are specifically looking for and need.

The ideal program includes both EDUCATION and ACTION steps.

Introducing the Back To Stability Program

The Back To Stability program is the summation of my work including all of the elements needed for correcting movement imbalances associated to back pain. In fact, it’s simply the most COMPREHENSIVE program available. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s chat briefly about my approach, which is vastly different from everything out there.

FACT: Chasing After Pain Will Virtually Guarantee Failure

muscle_imbalanceNo doubt you’ve heard of the term “muscle imbalances” before, and have an idea that postural and movement imbalances can contribute to back pain, but the approach that most systems take toward correcting these imbalances frankly miss the mark.

Yep. They miss the mark because focusing constantly on addressing the area where the pain is located misses the bigger picture, which is that your body works as a WHOLE, not a bunch of single, isolated muscles and joints.
I think one of the more important things to note with regard to back pain, is that over 90% is called “non-specific”, which means there is no known specific cause.

This pretty much describes most of the back pain sufferers out there. One day you likely woke up and your back was aching, and it progressively just got worse, and you likely couldn’t pinpoint any specific trauma or injury that caused it.

frame11-300x153Considering the above, it’s important to keep in mind your body moves as ONE BIG UNIT, with all your muscles, joints, connective tissues, and fascia coordinating into a wonderful dance. When this coordinated movement is altered for whatever reason, compensation occurs via your nervous system to maintain the function of your body and of course provide stability and support to all these moving parts.

The word “Stability” needs to be an important part of the back pain vocabulary. Spinal stability refers to the overall ability of your muscles and joints to do their job in protecting you from injury during movement. When you bend, lift, exercise, bike, run, or anything else, you depend on your stability to remain pain and problem free.

So, yes…

Back Pain is Associated With A Lack Of Core Stability

When compensations occur because of muscle imbalances and loss of stability, some muscle groups, joints, and tissues work extra hard to pick up the slack for underperforming muscles. This leads to fatigue, trigger points, further movement dysfunction, and PAIN.

Now, the pain may NOT exist (and usually doesn’t) where the original muscle imbalance occurred. The area where the pain felt is often the result of the inability to compensate further, and the involved area has had enough!

If You Keep Focusing On The Area Where The Pain Is, You Are Missing The Boat!

This is why your frequent chiropractic adjustments, massage sessions, etc. don’t ultimately give you long term results. Focusing energy on “therapeutizing” the painful area is just ignoring the root causes of the problem.

What if the root cause of your back pain was an imbalanced pelvic position because your hips are tight?

Good example. If the muscles on the front of your hips are tight, your pelvis will be pulled down and forward. This increases the curve in your lower back and the pressure on your spinal joints. Ultimately this can result in pain in your lower back. The correction for this would involve addressing the tension in the front of the hips, NOT the lower back tension, which would be the END RESULT of the imbalance, not the cause.

These imbalances can really twist you around if you don’t know what you are looking for, which is why I have covered them in my Back To Stability Program.

The Back To Stability Program Includes Everything You Need

Let’s face it, we live in a world that makes it very easy to have health issues. Fast food, constant stimulation from electronic devices, negative news stories, terrorism, lifestyle and relationship problems, and financial stress.

All this stress takes a toll on your body in the form of constantly elevated stress hormones and muscle tension. This increased muscle tension WILL exacerbate the already present movement imbalances.

For this reason, I cover stress reduction techniques in the Back To Stability Program. Building health and restoring function and movement stability is at the heart of my system. My system does NOT focus on “treating back pain”, but rather reducing stress in the right areas and allowing your body to heal itself.

This is a COMPLETELY opposite approach from what you have tried.


Amber-Wynn-Photo-213x300“When people need to learn how to get bigger and stronger they come to me. Five years ago I was one of the strongest men in the world until I injured my back. At the time I was routinely squatting close to 1000 lbs, dead lifting and benching 800 lbs in the gym. After I hurt my back I couldn’t get off the couch or dress myself without wanting to die. Since then I have seen every kind of therapist there is and I usually make a modicum of progress, but eventually I end up hurt again. Sam moved to Ohio at a time when I had just injured my back again and couldn’t stand up for longer than 1 minute without excruciating pain. After one session my back pain diminished almost in half, after two sessions, I was standing for as long as I wanted with out pain. With Sam’s global approach, varied background and multiple discipline training he is able to look at the problem from all angles and not just give me a short term solution, but a long term plan to get back on top. I believe that with Sam’s continued help I will again be able to compete injury free. So while I have spent a lifetime learning and teaching people how to get bigger and stronger, anyone I know with back problems I send to Sam. I’m the best at what I do, and so is Sam, that’s why I recommend him so highly…” – JL Holdsworth Elite Level Powerlifter

Do More Of The Right Things, Less Of The Wrong Things

backtostabilityproductThe Back To Stability Program is meant to teach you to identify where stressors are coming from that contribute to the whole “back pain picture”. Probing questions will lead you to answers, for example:

  • Which muscles are short and tight?
  • Which muscles are long and weak?
  • Does your mid and upper back lack mobility?
  • Do you breathe properly?
  • Do you sleep in a position that is healthy for your spine?
  • Are you bending and lifting in a way that agitates your back pain?
  • Are you eating foods that are potentially creating inflammation and making your pain worse?

I focus on teaching you to remove the things that cause stress. In this way, we boost your health and build a foundation that will make you more resistant to stress and pain.

See what these back pain sufferers experienced…

Here is just a short list of the key aspects contained in the program:

  • An integrated approach to building a foundation of spinal stability through muscle imbalance correction – so you can make your spine pain-resistant
  • A detailed system anyone can follow to assess their own muscle imbalances at home – with no special equipment to buy
  • Stronger, healthier body with a strong core and efficient movement, so you can free up energy for other activities in your life
  • Flexibility – do the program in the comfort of your own home – no appointments required
  • Precise instructions and step-by-step videos showing corrective stretches, exercises, and self-mobilizations that are tailored to your unique needs
  • Nutrition and anti-inflammatory recommendations to speed the healing process
  • Lifestyle and stress reduction strategies to incorporate into your daily regiment – so you can reduce the chances of “flare ups” and irritation to your back
  • The 6 “Don’ts” of lifting and bending…by avoiding these 6 things you will have reduced chances of painful episodes
  • Learn the most common muscles that are tight and weak amongst back pain sufferers – so you can address them with appropriate corrections
  • The correct way to train your “core” muscles to get back pain relief – without making you hurt more due to improper technique
  • Why muscle imbalances are not just associated to your back, but involve everything in your body – and how you can positively impact multiple aches and pains “indirectly” without even focusing on them

There Is Absolutely NOTHING Like This Program On The Market Today

backtostabilityproductYou will not find another program available like the Back To Stability Program

Other programs you see online are based on correcting muscle imbalances, but you will not find the approach I offer here. Here’s how it’s different:

  • Other programs available only cover the exercises and stretches that are necessary to correct the problem – they don’t provide the entire integrated approach to living a LIFE of building foundational health and spinal stability through proper nutrition, stress reduction techniques, suggestions on sleeping postures, ergonomic work setup, and even brushing your teeth with good body alignment!
  • The Back To Stability Program provides VERY PRECISE instructions on how to perform each and every exercise, stretch, and self-mobilization – leaving no doubt that you’re doing it right. A 30-second demonstration clip often isn’t enough to fully cover the nuances of a particular movement. My instructions and detail cover everything you need to know about each corrective movement.
  • Unlike other products available, I have worked “in the trenches” with thousands of pain sufferers –helping them get their lives back from pain – giving you expert advice you just can’t find anywhere else.

This Program Is NOT For Everyone. Its Not For You If…

Unfortunately, there are plenty of times when back pain is not simply caused by movement and muscle imbalances. Some people need medical help, treatments, physical therapy supervision, and sometimes surgery. These are all situations in which my offerings are NOT right for you. If you have any of the following issues, or have not seen a doctor about your back pain, you need to.

  • Haven’t been cleared by a medical doctor to participate in an exercise or nutrition program
  • Haven’t completed or been discharged by physical therapy/therapist
  • Limping/Coordination Problems
  • Severe Guarding of Movement
  • Spinal Point Tenderness
  • Loss of Feeling
  • Significant Levels of Pain
  • Significant Loss of Muscle Strength
  • Significant Loss of Muscle Size
  • Organ Pain
  • Bowel or Bladder Dysfunction
  • Night Pain

For Less Than The Price Of A Single Therapy Visit, You Can End Your Frustrating Struggle To Find Relief

The average visit to a health professional here in the Los Angeles area ranges between $100.00 – $150.00. The benefits are obvious, but one main problem persists with these visits…

You have to rely on someone ELSE for relief!

That is definitely a downside, especially when your adjustment, massage results, or whatever only last a few days at most. This becomes a bank account draining process, with no apparent end in sight.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do it yourself? What if you had control over your pain levels because you knew EXACTLY which corrective movements freed you up and gave you relief within minutes?

Not only that, but if you knew you were building RESISTANCE to future episodes of pain by improving core stability and function? Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

I want to help you save potentially THOUSANDS of dollars and wasted time searching on the internet for the right corrective movement techniques and programs.

That is why I’m offering you my Back To Stability Program for ONLY $97.00!

That is because I’m CERTAIN you have already spent so much money on your back issues with no clear system to follow and way to help yourself. You’ve been at the mercy of someone else’s skills for a long time, but you don’t have the tools to be able to help yourself. Well, that is about to change!


Amber-Wynn-Photo-213x300I came to Sam with hopes of preventing a potentially invasive surgery. After a thorough evaluation, a clear plan of action, and several weeks of a customized corrective exercise plan, not only did I avoid the surgery, but I eliminated a persistent back pain I thought I’d have the rest of my life, a hip issue I couldn’t understand/explain, and several other physical issues I had accepted as a part of aging. Sam is a true professional, committed to health and wellness and the personal happiness of his clients. I would highly recommend him without question” – Amber Wynn



Here Is What You Get

You’ll have the entire system in your hands immediately, ready to dramatically improve your core stability and get back pain relief. You get in and immediately tap into my growing database of proven cutting-edge scientific information on back pain relief and corrective exercise you’ve ever seen. (But listen, this stuff is laid out easy. No confusion. No taking hours to figure out.)

Your complete access includes:

weakerstlinkStep 1: Overview Video

Watch these videos first. They will cover the essentials of your corrective movement plan…including how to use the system, why it works, and to do first to get started right away.



movement-assessStep 2: Movement Assessment Videos

Muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns in your body contribute to joint and soft tissue dysfunction, and can be at the root cause of your back pain. Learning which patterns and imbalances you have is a critical step in the process of correction. In this section, you get the exact tests I would use if I saw you in my office.


exercisStep 3: Corrective Stretching, Exercise, and Self-Mobilization Videos

This is the core of the program. Once you understand the movement and muscle imbalances we are working to address, it’s time to get to the easy and gentle movements which form the basis of building and restoring stability. Each movement is spelled out in simple to follow video clips with precise instructions so you can get maximum value out of each.


healthyStep 4: Lifestyle and Nutrition Videos

This is a collection of videos to address many very common issues that lead to setbacks in the corrective process. Learn what you MUST know about inflammation and food, bending and lifting properly, sleeping in ideal positions, and desk ergonomics to support the hard work you put into your corrective movement program.


As If The Above Was Not Enough, I’m Going To Blatantly Bribe You Into Action With These Bonuses

Let’s be honest. You have seen the system and the logical approach I use, heard the testimonials, and you KNOW the program is what you are looking for…but it does you NO good if you don’t take action right now; you’ll still be in pain, confined to your house, or limited in your movement and activity while others are out and about living their lives. Worst of all, your muscle imbalances and movement dysfunction WILL continue to get worse, because compensations will continue, making the problem harder and harder to solve over time.

So here is a “fast-action” bonus you’ll get for giving the program a try today.

Massive Value Bonuses As A Reward For Taking Action Now

Bonus 1


Value: $55.00
How To Correct Thoracic Kyphosis Program

This program was originally offered as a separate system. Learn how to address the problem of excessively rounded upper back, slouched shoulders, and forward head posture that can lead to neck, shoulder dysfunction and pain.


Bonus 2


Value: $55.00
Corrective Strategies For TMJ Muscles

Compensations and muscle imbalances often lead to snapping, clicking, grinding, and other problems with the jaw. This program addresses simple corrective exercises aimed at relaxing the jaw muscles and supporting overall posture.


Bonus 3


Free Updates

You will receive access to all updates to the program including more advanced protocols to follow, modifications to each corrective movement, and more lifestyle tips to continue your journey to spinal stability and health.


guarantee-seal100% Risk Free Guarantee

If you are not 100% ON-FIRE about this revolutionary Back To Stability Program, or if you decide you aren’t completely satisfied for any reason at all, just email me within the first 30 days and you’ll receive a FULL REFUND. No questions, No hassles, No problems!


Get My “Back To Stability” Program

Yes Sam, I want in! Please let me get IMMEDIATE access to your Back To Stability Program for just $97.00.

I know that you are offering a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if I’m not satisfied, and I acknowledge that I have read the following and understand this program is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Its for my own educational purposes only.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of times when back pain is not simply caused by movement and muscle imbalances. Some people need medical help, treatments, physical therapy supervision, and sometimes surgery. These are all situations in which my offerings are NOT right for you. If you have any of the following issues, or have not seen a doctor about your back pain, you need to.

  • Haven’t been cleared by a medical doctor to participate in an exercise or nutrition program
  • Haven’t completed or been discharged by physical therapy/therapist
  • Limping/Coordination Problems
  • Severe Guarding of Movement
  • Spinal Point Tenderness
  • Loss of Feeling
  • Significant Levels of Pain
  • Significant Loss of Muscle Strength
  • Significant Loss of Muscle Size
  • Organ Pain
  • Bowel or Bladder Dysfunction
  • Night Pain

I understand and declare I have read the following and this program is for education purposes ONLY.

Have your credit handy and click the happy orange “Add To Cart” button below to access “Back To Stability” program right away.



NOTE: The Back To Stability Program includes online access to a members area where all the videos and downloadable handouts can be viewed. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT access to the content area. The videos contained can NOT be downloaded. They must be watched with internet access.


samSam Visnic CMT, NMT
State Of California Certified Massage Therapist
Neuromuscular Pain Relief Therapist

P.S. You have nothing to lose. Back To Stability is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction or I will refund you completely. Best of all, you get immediate access to the videos and you’ll experience for yourself just how well is program works. So if you think I’m lying (or inflating the truth even 1%), just let me know within the first 30 days and you’ll get a full refund.

There’s no easier and faster way to learn what really works, and remove the brakes on your life. Get back your LIFE from back pain. So what’s holding you back? Get access to the Back To Stability Program today


P.P.S. Just so you know, I’m a REAL person and I really do run a LIVE business inside of a private gym. Here is my address:

Visnic Center For Integrated Health
1919 Broadway St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions about my Back To Stability Program, just email me at Obviously, I can’t answer personal health questions or provide free consultations since my services are reserved for paying customers, but I’d be happy to answer your questions about the program.

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Please read my disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that I identify what a typical result is. The truth: some people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. However, assuming that you actually apply the techniques and strategies in my system, including all of the exercises, I expect your results to be anything but typical. Bottom line: results vary from person to person based on a variety of factors. You are not guaranteed to obtain the same results as the individuals in the above testimonials, just because you purchase our system… YOU are the most important variable.

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